Name:- Shairoon Mohammed Sookdeo

Country:- Republic of Trinidad & Tobago W.I.

Involvement- Community Development & Services /Home base International.


Cell:- 1-868- 495-7403

Interest- Getting a Sponsor and or Manager

Seeking - Poems Publishers

Reference Poetry Publishers was:-


Poem- Collection 70 pieces World Peace & Environment

Seeking Record Company-Have three demo CDs Recorded in the

USA (Songs) Silvary Star, One Stolen Moment & Beside You.

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 A part of Poem

 Almost Silence lost 

 There are seven pillars of mould

 In prisoner's dungeon deep and old

There are seven columns, mass and grey

 Dim with dull imprisoned ray

And a sunbeam that had lost its way

My hair is gray, but not with years

All men's have grown from sudden fears.

Our voice has a dreary tone

An echo of the dungeon stone



Tomorrow I will come but cannot stay

You see I borrow the time I came here

I will look through your world

Find some happiness and achieve my goal

Always stand before or behind you

We have only a chosen few. 


Did you see God just pass you in the breeze?

Even in the powerful wave of the blessed sea

I will be in your dreams at night

You will fell My presence in sight

I will return to my world

A place of peace we all hold

        Reciting poem at a Children Home